Drug Delivery systems (DDSs):

We provide solutions for:

  • nano-vaccines
  • nano-theranostics
  • imaging
  • photodynamic therapy (PDT)
  • RNAs/DNAs/aptamers delivery into cells
  • High focused ultrasonics solid tumour treatment combined with NPs

Smart delivery systems: see EU project SALSETH

ADVANTAGES of our proprietary NIOSOME “soft nanospheres” technologies:
Examples for solid tumors

  • Selective passive targeting to tumor (EPR effect)
  • Enhanced efficacy and therapeutic index.
  • Decreased toxicity.
  • Site avoidance effect.
  • Site avoidance effect.
  • Improved pharmacokinetic effects.
  • Flexibility to couple with site specific ligands to achieve active targeting.
  • Increases the stability of any volatile agents & can be easily and cheaply fabricated in large quantities
  • Delivers a higher concentration of pharmaceutical agent.

Silica micro &
nano-particles (SiNPs)

  • Extensive experience on silica modification by siloxane chemistry
  • Enhanced efficacy and therapeutic index.

Super-paramagnetic nano-particles (SPIONs)

  • Core shell SPIONs in development.

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